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Reptiles - Turtles

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Three Toed Box Turtle-Close-up

Terrapene carolina triunguis


Three Toed Box Turtle-In Brook

Terrapene carolina triunguis



Three Toed Box Turtle-Looking Up

Terrapene carolina triunguis


Eastern Box Turtle Male -

Walking Next to Ferns

Terrapene carolina carolina



Eastern Box Turtle and Frog

Terrapene carolina carolina


Western Painted Water Turtles - Buddies

Chrysemys picta bellii



Western Painted Water Turtle - Step Up

Chrysemys picta bellii


Three Toed Female Box Turtle - Sunbathing

Terrapene carolina triunguis


Two Box Turtles By Log


Three Toed Box Turtle -

Walking By Log



Water Turtles - Basking In Sun On Lake Shoreline


Turtle On Shore



Male Box Turtle Terrapene carolina carolina - Sunny Morning




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