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Blue Jays are interesting birds, they seem to fall closer to a predator than prey. Many times you will see them follow a group of crows looking for an opportunity for something to eat or maybe just out of curiosity. This is a very intelligent bird and will spend quite some time working out a problem to get a some food. I really like the Blue Jays that come and visit our yard. Many do not stay long and may only stop by for a bath.

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Birds Perching - Blue Jay

Blue Jay - Looking Backwards

Cyanocitta cristata

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Blue Jay In Evergreen Tree

Looking Down


Blue Jay - Pair


Blue Jay  by Waterfall Evening Light


Blue Jay - Looking Backwards


Blue Jay Looking Right


Blue Jay Looking Left


Blue Jay On Railing In Marion


Blue Jay looking At Us


Blue Jay On Railing Facing Away


Blue Jay On Railing

Swallowing A Sunflower Seed

Wet Blue Jay By Brook

2005_2016_Wet Blue Jay By Brook

Blue Jay On Railing Sunny Day

2005_4271 Blue Jay On Railing Sunny Day

Blue Jay Calling To Others

2005_4284_Blue Jay Calling To Others

Blue Jay Close-Up On Stump In Marion

2005_4291_Blue Jay Close-Up On Stump In Marion

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